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2 Types: 1. Primitive – numbers, strings, booleans, null, undefined 2. Object Falsy values: 0, -0, NaN, “”, false, null, undefined Check for NaN: if(isNaN(varName)){…} Type Operators: typeof “…” – returns data type instanceof Events: document.getElementById(“id”).onclick = function(){…}; Add Many Event … Continue reading

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Quiz System: code / better code ToDoList App: Watch&Code Drum Kit: code Clock: code Changing CSS Variables: code  

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Algorithm Scripting

  Check for Palindromes Remove X Elements at the Beginning of an Array Shift Cipher  OR  Time Conversion Count Vowels  count_vowels(“cecilia”); 4 Nearby AZ Roman Numeral Converter Return an Array of all Objects with Matching Property and Value Pairs Replace … Continue reading

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Best Practices

Always use lower case file names Place <script> before the </body> Declare all variables on top Use var once then comma(,) thereafter when declaring variables Save selections into variables: var $name = $(selector); Reduce activity in Loops code Reduce DOM Access code … Continue reading

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HTML5: link CSS: link Bootstrap: link JavaScript link jQuery: link AngularJS: link Algorithm Scripting: link    

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Declarations let & const – scoped to the nearest block and are not hoisted let – can be reassigned but cannot be redeclared within the same scope; use in for loops const – cannot be assigned a new value; must be assigned an initial … Continue reading

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