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  • Objects:


object-name    cssSelector    OR

object-name    id/css/xpath    value

xpath ex: //div[@id=’search-bar’]/input[@type=’text’]


Multiple Object:     object-name-*    css    value

  • Section:

= SectionName =

= SubSectionName =



Section Specs:

= SectionName =

@on * / mobile / mobile, desktop



  • Object Groups:


object-group-name    object-name1, object-name2

(object-group-name1, object-group-name2)    object-name1, object-name2

Access Object Groups:

= Section =


specs reference

  • Variables


variableName    value

= SectionName =


specs ${variableName}

  • Special Objects

viewport – represents the visible area on the page

screen – represents the whole page area inside browser even that which is not visible.

  • Specs Reference

specsRef value

  • text is/contains/starts/ends/matches

specsRef value OR specsRef </> value

specsRef value% of object-name

  • width / height

specsRef object-name value

  • below / above
  • left-of / right-of

specsRef object-name value direction OR specsRef object-name value direction, value direction

direction: left/right/top/bottom left

  • near
  • inside / inside partly

specsRef object-name OR specsRef object-name value

  • aligned horizontally all/top/bottom/centered
  • aligned vertically all/left/right/centered


text – checks the text that is visible on page

centered – checks that object is centered inside another object

absent – checks that object is either missing on page or is not visible

contains – checks that object visually contains other objects inside it

on – checks that object is visually located on other object

component – runs a subset of specs from another file within the given object context

color-scheme – checks the color distribution in the given object area



Objects corrections


Text operations

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Hello, I am Bernadette from New York City. I moved here from Chicago in 2013. I am originally from the Philippines. I started studying web programming in 2015. I love it because I like making fun websites and web apps. The projects that I built so far are posted below. I like to cook and I love to travel. I also like to volunteer and I am a team leader with the non-profit organization, NYCares.
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