Copy Input Value: 

Display Form Value:

ng-value: ajs

Wait with the data-binding until the field loses focus: ng-model-options

Input Maxlength: ng-maxlength

Input Minlength: ng-minlength

Disable Button: ng-disabled

Reset Input Field:

Required Field:

Compute Input Fields: factory dependency injection

Select & Option Form: ng-switch & ng-option


Submit Form: ng-submit

Post Submitted Form:

Disable / enable the input field:

Check one to check all Checkbox:

Checkbox Show Feature:

Radio Button Show Feature:

Selectbox Show Feature: ng-switch / ng-switch-default

Form Validation:

Custom Form Validation: my-directive

Select Country List:

Form Computation: data-ng-init=”variable1=1; variable2=5″

About bernadetteengleman

Hello, I am Bernadette from New York City. I moved here from Chicago in 2013. I am originally from the Philippines. I started studying web programming in 2015. I love it because I like making fun websites and web apps. The projects that I built so far are posted below. I like to cook and I love to travel. I also like to volunteer and I am a team leader with the non-profit organization, NYCares.
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