• Literal – a constant that is specified in the code

String – double quoted

Character – single quoted

  • Variable – declared with a type and a name, starts with a lowercase letter

*We can define multiple variables in a single line only when they are of same type

int i=3, j=4

  1. Primitive 


int – store an integer that is less than 10 digits

long – stores up to 19-digit integer, must have the letter “L” at the end of its value, eg: long ssn = 999333222L;

float – have a decimal point, must have the letter “F” at the end of its value, eg: float pi = 3.1415F;

Double – have a decimal point

*The result of dividing two integers is always an integer; integer and a double will return a double

Convert an Integer to a Double
1. Casting – write double before the integer, eg: (double)5


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