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  1. Single line – //
  2. Multi-line – /* … */ – must contain a public class called Main

*Every Java file contains exactly one public class. This class has the same name as the name of the file

Class – file name extension of bitecode files; independent part of the program

*All class names and Java file names should start with a capital letter

Package – software library that contains several programs that are packaged together; broken down into classes; starts with lowercase

Classes – contain methods and variables

Main Method – required in every Java app; where the program starts executing

public static void main(String[] args) – variable args is the array of strings that is passed as input to the program

* It is possible to have multiple main methods, however, you need to explicitly specify which main method should be the starting point of the program


  • Print

System.out.print – print without moving to the next line

System.out.println – print and then print new line

\ – displays a special character

\n – displays a new line “Hello\n World\n”

Ctrl+Space – autocomplete

*Spacing and new lines are not always important

  • Read

Scanner keyboard = new Scanner reads input

  • Operations

Arithmetic Operators: +, -, *, / and %

Modulus Operation or % – remainder

Relational / Comparison Operators: ==, <, <=, >, >=, !=;

Operations with the same precedence are performed left to right

Equality operators – ==, !=; used to test equality; do not require that operands share the same ordering


*compareTo method returns a positive integer when the first string is bigger,
0 when the two strings are the same, and a negative integer when the first string is smaller

  • Switch Statementsupports only on variables of type int, char, and string; does not support on doubles

Algorithm Scripting: code

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