jQuery Reference

$() is the same as jquery()

jQuery Cheat Sheethttp://overapi.com/jquery

jQuery UI: https://jqueryui.com/

jQuery Plugin: https://plugins.jquery.com/

jQuery API: https://api.jquery.com/

Designing with jQuery

Event Handler: $(‘selector’).on(“event”, “childSelector”, function)

Custom Event: $(‘selector’).on(“event.namespace”, method)

Removing Event Handler – off(): $(‘button’).off(‘click.image’);

Trigger Events – trigger(): $(‘button’).trigger(‘click’);

Namespacing Events: $(‘button’).on(‘click.image’, picture); / $(‘button’).on(‘click.details’, status);

Event Parameter: event.stopPropagation() & event.preventDefault()

jQuery Plugins: $.fn.plugin / $.fn.plugin 2

jQuery Plugins with Parameters: $.fn.plugin = function(options)

jQuery Utility – can accept 2 or more JS object: $.extend(target[, object1][, objectn])

Combined Slide and Fade: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/jquery/combine-slide-and-fade-functions/

Exclude $(this) from Selector: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/jquery/exclude-this-from-selector/

Calculate Distance Between Mouse and Element: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/jquery/calculate-distance-between-mouse-and-element/

Reviewer: link

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